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Description: MODAL is a research project combining naturalistic observations of behavior with experiments and linguistic modeling to advance our understanding of the multimodal facets of language.


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Comparative study of naturalistic mother-infant communication & attention

Bourjade, Vogt, Guidetti & 3 more
This study combines cross-species and cross-cultural quantitative field observation to develop a more empirically informed account of the emergence of...

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Phonotactic modeling of baboon visual and multimodal communication

Bourjade, Calderone, Montermini & 1 more
This project aims at applying linguistic formalism to monkey communication in order to study more systematically the combinatorial properties found in...

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Gestures and 'attention-getters' at the origins of multimodal language

Here are some abstracts from conferences or seminars that discuss the evolution of the multimodal facets of language

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Six-month-old infants' communication in a comparative perspective

Bourjade, Dafreville, scola & 1 more
This study examines attention-sensitive communication by six-month-old human infants towards their mother. The dataset and the R script to run the ana...

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Sensitivity to the communicative partner's attentional state: a developmental study on mother-infant dyads in wild chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii)

Dafreville, Bourjade, Hobaiter & 2 more

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