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Description: UX Working Group [] is a subset of the User Studies AIG [] and previous named Usability Studies Guidelines and Best Practices Working Group. Our group serves as a community of practice for practitioners in the areas of user experience, user research, user interface design, and similar work. We also engage in collaborative projects that aim to provide guidance to digital libraries in the areas of usability, user behavior, user research methodologies, and user experience design. We encourage anyone interested in this work to join us! Join our listserv [!forum/dlf-aig-ux-working-group] to learn more about our work and receive notifications for upcoming meetings or events.


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Digital Libraries User Personas Best Practices

The aim of this project is to create a web resource for digital library (DL) practitioners to reference when creating user personas for development an...

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User Studies Working Group

This project site contains completed and working files from the DLF AIG User Studies Working Group.

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