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Description: LOPS - Longitudinal Online Profile Sampling is a method to study identity and identity change. The process involves collecting periodic samples of individuals' self-descriptions. This is accomplished most easily through collecting online profile information (e.g. a Twitter user's 'biography' entry). This OSF project will provide organization for a set of research articles, datasets and software tools that will describe the method and enable other researchers to use it.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


One page description of the LOPS method: https://osf.io/xytmh/ Glossary: https://osf.io/ne9hv/ Interested in collaborating on a project? Contact me through https://jasonjones.ninja/


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  • Jason J. Jones' Identity Trends

    The aim of this project is to produce an online dashboard to facilitate the study of personally expressed identity at scale. Version 1 now available:...

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  • Do LGBTQ-related Events Drive Individual Online Disclosure Decisions?

    When and how to come out are difficult choices. In this research project, we examine one form of disclosure: the addition of an LGBTQ keyword to one'...

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  • Annual Prevalence of American Twitter Users with specified Token in their Profile Bio - 2015-2020 Data

    Please read the README file. The data file per_token_user_prevalence_from_one_bio_per_user_per_year.csv contains the prevalence and incidence of uniq...

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