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Description: The aim of this project is to produce an online dashboard to facilitate the study of personal identity at scale. Beta version at: http://jasonjones.ninja/jason-j-jones-identity-trends-beta/ Jason J. Jones' Identity Trends will draw inspiration from online dashboards such as Google Trends. The user may enter a query and will receive a time series of counts. In this beta version, the count is the number of Twitter users whose profile biography field contains the query term. The dataset is based on the 1% sample of public tweets available through the Twitter API. For example, one might enter the search term "grandmother" and receive as output the count of all Twitter users active per each day whose profile biography contains the word "grandmother." In a future version, one will be able to query how many users per day add a particular word to their biography or remove it. Users are unique per day (a user only counts once whether they tweet 1 time or 100 times). Users are filtered to those who are likely to be American and English-speaking; they have chosen a US timezone and English as their interface language. The present version is "cross-sectional." That is, the count on each day includes all users tweeted (and were sampled) that day. This will give you a good sense of who was active on Twitter. A future version will also include a "longitudinal" dataset. That is, a fixed group of users who were sampled over many days. This would give you a sense of how individuals are changing their self-descriptions over time.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


Jason J. Jones' Identity Trends Easy online access to self-ascribed identity time series data. Use it: http://jasonjones.ninja/jason-j-jones-identity-trends-beta/ View code: https://github.com/jasonjeffreyjones/jason-j-jones-identity-trends


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