Interleaved practice and second language learning


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Category: Project

Description: Empirical studies of interleaved practice for foreign language learning / verb conjugation skills

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


For assistance with downloading materials or further information, please contact: Pan, S. C. Tajran, J., Lovelett, J., Osuna, J., and Rickard, T. C. (2018). Does interleaved practice enhance foreign language learning? Journal of Educational Psychology. Pan, S. C. Lovelett, J., Phun, V., and Rickard, T. C. (2019). The synergistic benefits of systematic and random interleav...


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  • Pan, Tajran, Lovelett, Osuna, and Rickard (2018) Interleaved practice and foreign language learning (preprint)

    Pan, Tajran, Lovelett & 2 more
    Do the cognitive benefits of interleaving—the method of alternating between two or more skills or concepts during training—extend to foreign language ...

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