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Description: The overarching goal of this Science of Behavior Change (SOBC) project is to utilize an experimental medicine approach to develop an efficient, ecologically valid, within-person approach to measuring and intervening on the deleterious effects of everyday stress on meeting recommended levels of two health behaviors: physical activity and sleep patterns. In Phase 1, we will develop, validate and deliver a stress assay that assesses malleable components of the stress process that drive health behavior decisions and enactment as they unfold, in real-time and in individuals' natural environments. In contrast to previous daily stress studies, we will conduct coordinated analyses in multiple intensive longitudinal data sets separating effects of stressor reactivity, recovery and pile-up on health behaviors. By replicating the results across many independent studies we will ensure identification of the most reliable and potent targets for intervention. In Phase 2, if awarded, we will use this assay to evaluate "just-in-time" intervention approaches that target specific stress response components at times and in contexts when they are most malleable and can positively impact health behaviors.


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Hypothesis: Phase 1 of Everyday Stress Response Targets in the Science of Behavior Change (Almeida, Sliwinski, Smyth)

The central hypothesis, drawn from stress theory, is that larger initial stressor reactivity, incomplete or slow recovery, and more frequent stress re...

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