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Description: One result of our previous study on the association of testosterone and moral judgement ( was an effect of sex which was further influenced by the use of combined oral contraceptives (COC). Briefly, the strongest utilitarian tendencies were observed in men, followed by COC users while free cycling women showed the least pronounced utilitarian inclinations. Since to our knowledge the potential role of hormonal contraceptives vs. free cycling has not been investigated yet, we plan a follow up study to replicate and extend this finding. In this online study we are again using the dilemma set by Conway & Gawronski (2013) to independently estimate underlying deontological and utiltarian tendencies. In addition to COC, we also aim to investigate the potential role of less common hormonal contraceptives (e.g., progestin-only pills, hormone implants, hormone transdermal patches etc.). Furthermore, we will investigate COC with different formulations (e.g., different progestin components). Update: data collection has started and is currently ongoing

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Associations of salivary testosterone levels with moral decision making

Higher endogenous testosterone levels have been linked to preferences for utilitarian decisions (Carney & Mason, 2010). Testosterone is also assoc...

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