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Description: Data and syntax of the paper "Reward-related attentional bias at age 16 predicts onset of depression during nine years of follow-up" Vrijen, C., Hartman, C. A., & Oldehinkel, A. J. (2019). Reward-Related Attentional Bias at Age 16 Predicts Onset of Depression During 9 Years of Follow-up. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 58(3), 329–338. Please note that the data files are only to be used for the purpose of checking the analyses. If you would like to use the data for other purposes, please send a specified request to ****PLEASE NOTE THAT FOR THE SAKE OF PRIVACY WE HAVE TRUNCATED THE AGE OF OUR PARTICIPANTS IN THE DATASET MADE AVAILABLE ON OSF. THIS MEANS THAT RUNNING THE SYNTAX ON THE OSF DATASET MAY PRODUCE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT RESULTS THAN REPORTED IN OUR PAPER. THE OUPUT WE PUT ON OSF IS BASED ON THE CONTINUOUS (UNTRUNCATED) AGE VARIABLE AND REPRESENTS THE RESULTS EXACTLY AS WE REPORTED THEM IN THE PAPER.


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