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Category: Data

Description: Seminal theories posit that social and physical suffering underlie partly-common representational code. It is unclear, however, if this shared information reflects a modality-specific component of pain, or alternatively a supramodal code for properties common to many aversive experiences (unpleasantness, salience, etc.). To address this issue, we conducted experiments involving social inclusion or exclusion. Following each gaming experience, a painful or disgusting stimulation of comparable unpleasantness were delivered. This design allows to assess whether the effect of social exclusion on subjective pain (as found in the literature) does generalize to other unpleasant painless experiences. Here you can find uploaded the data from the article: Antico L., Guyon A., Mohamed ZK., Corradi-Dell'Acqua C. (2018) "Beyond Unpleasantness. Social exclusion affects the experience of pain, but not of equally-unpleasant disgust", Cognition, 181, 1-11.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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