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<p><img alt="Crisis Schmeisis Tour Bus" src=""></p> <h2>CRISIS SCHMEISIS OPEN SCIENCE TOUR – 2017-2018</h2> <h2><em>SEE TOUR SCHEDULE BELOW</em></h2> <p>Whether there is a replication crisis or not, open science initiatives benefit science as well as the researcher. This lecture tour is intended to share these benefits with as many researchers as possible. </p> <p>The music is a set of songs I'm recording to help students and researchers better understand scientific transparency in a fun and artistic manner. It is a work in development <a href="" rel="nofollow">Crisis Schmeisis Album</a> page </p> <p>There are <a href="" rel="nofollow">tour slides</a> here that include, "How to Use the OSF" training .ppt slides with screen shots and examples. </p> <p>LOOKING FOR SPRING DATES: I am interested in visiting campuses to share one-hour workshops on one or more of the themes listed below, primarily related to using the Open Science Framework to augment classroom or scholarship opportunities. Additionally, talks will discuss why and how to implement Authentic Research exeriences into coursework. </p> <p>I am interested in talking with faculty at any type academic institution (2-year, 4-year, Graduate) in any discipline about these topics. Though I am not requesting a stipend, I will not turn one down either. Travel costs will be negotiated because I am extending other trips as possible and might not need much travel help. </p> <p>If you are interested in my visiting your campus to meet with a small or large group of faculty, students, or both, please contact me at at your earliest convenience. Please forward this to colleagues you know who might be interested but whom I don’t know.</p> <p>I will update my schedule below with any new information.</p> <p><strong>Credentials</strong></p> <p>Professor of Psychology at Pacific Lutheran University with 20 years teaching experience. Published in topics related to pedagogy of methods courses and capstone courses in addition to social psychology topics.</p> <p>My Open Science credentials include being a trained Center for Open Science Ambassador for the Open Science Framework, and chair of the Open Science Badges committee.</p> <p>Further, as Managing Executive Editor of the Journal of Social Psychology, we became one of the first journals to offer Open Science Badges.</p> <p>I also am either the sole primary contributor or part of the executive teams of multiple ongoing Crowdsourcing Projects including the <a href="" rel="nofollow">Collaborative Replications and Education Project</a> (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>), <a href="" rel="nofollow">the Emerging Adulthood Measured at Multiple Institutions 2</a> (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>), and the <a href="" rel="nofollow">Psi Chi Network for Internationals Collaborative Exchange</a> (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>). Additionally, I have led teams who provided valid samples for the Many Labs 2, 3, 4, and 5 projects sponsored by the Center for Open Science. </p> <p>I have given over 30 talks on Open Science topics at Regional, National, and International Conferences. See grahe_vitae.pdf.</p> <p><strong>Potential Talks or Workshop Topics</strong></p> <p>Introduction to the Open Science Framework for Scholarship and Teaching (abstract below) </p> <p>Authentic Research Projects Benefit Students, Faculty, and Science (abstract below)</p> <p>Using the Open Science Framework to Build Research Collaborations</p> <p>Using the Open Science Framework for Methods and Capstone Courses</p> <p>Redesigning Capstone Courses</p> <p>Participating in Crowdsourcing Projects as a Psi Chi or Psi Beta activity</p> <p><em>Abstracts</em></p> <p><strong>Introduction to the Open Science Framework for Scholarship and Teaching</strong> The Open Science Framework (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) is an open source computer program designed by the Center for Open Science (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) to facilitate scientific transparency. Imagine an electronic file cabinet with an infinite number of drawers and each drawer can hold an infinite number of drawers or files. Each drawer can be shared publically with anyone, with certain people, or kept private. With additional add-ons and features that track workflow, this file cabinet becomes an ideal for project collaboration. In this session, attendees will learn about the basic features and resources for research or classroom us.</p> <p><strong> Authentic Research Opportunities Benefit Students, Faculty, and Science</strong></p> <p>In each scientific discipline, students explore research through hands on, interactive activities. Authentic Research Opportunities occur when these activities are intended for publication as well as training. This session will review a variety of project types and discuss the project characteristics and decisions to be considered when implementing these types of projects in a classroom. </p> <p><strong>Intended Audience</strong> Students or Faculty of any discipline. Formal or Informal discussions of open science as needed at a local insitution. I can also integrate Open Science content to theoretical talks for colloquium or speaker series. </p> <p><strong>Music Show</strong> In addition or instead of a typical lecture, I am willing to perform a 30-45 Minute acoustic set of academically themed songs including, "Replication Crisis", "Go Forth and Replicate", and any other completed songs from my forthcoming Crisis Schmesis album. Additional songs include, "Stats 180", "Probably Right", "The Exam Suite", "You Can't Plagiarize Yourself"</p> <h2>Crisis Schmeisis Timeline</h2> <p><strong><em>Subject to Change</em></strong></p> <p>August 7 -- Portland -- Ecological Society of America -- participant as discussant on session to make Ecological Sciences more transparent and consider CREP as an example </p> <p><strong>Rocky Mountain Leg</strong></p> <p>Sept 3 -- Boise -- Travel -- Discuss Open Science with Psi Chi President.</p> <p>Sept 5 -- Utah Valley University -- <em>The Collaborative Replications and Education Project (CREP): An Open Science Initiative for Students</em> -- Introduces the CREP and how it uses Open Science</p> <p>Sept 5 -- Fort Lewis College -- <em>Open Science Benefits Personal Workflow</em> --Informal Meeting with Psi Chi about Open Science</p> <p>Sept 6 -- Fort Lewis College -- <em>Brief Introduction to the OSF</em> to Capstone Students, and the first public performance of the "<em>Replication Crisis</em>" song.</p> <p>Sept 6 -- Adams State University -- <em>re(Building) Capstone Courses from the Foundation</em> -- Capstone Workshop</p> <p>Sept 7 -- Adams State University -- <em>Introduction to the OSF for Scholarship and Teaching</em> -- OSF Workshop</p> <p>Sept 7 -- Adams State University -- <em>Examining Authentic Research Opportunities to Benefit Students, Faculty, and Science.</em> -- Talk to all disciplines about possibilities</p> <p>Sept 12 -- Metropolitan State Unversity-Denver -- <em>Students Contributing to Science while Studying Themselves: Emerging Adulthood Measured at Multiple Institutions 2</em> -- </p> <p>Sept 13 -- Utah State University -- Informal Meeting with Psi Chi members at welcoming event.</p> <p>Sept 13 -- Formal meeting with Associate Provost and staff introducing the OSF for scholarship and teaching. </p> <p>Sept 14 -- Brigham Young University, Idaho -- <em>The Collaborative Replications and Education Project (CREP): An Open Science Initiative for Students</em> -- Introduces the CREP and how it uses Open Science</p> <p>Sept 14 -- Brigham Young University, Idaho -- Formal meeting with Associate Provost introducing OSF and possibilities for all disciplines.</p> <p>Sept 19 -- Whitworth University -- <em>Crisis Schmeisis: Open Science Benefits Personal Workflow Cumulatively for Science</em> -- OSF workshop for methods students</p> <p>Sept 19th -- Whitworth University -- attend department meeting to introduce OSF for teaching and scholarship</p> <p><strong>Invited Talks, talks benefitting from extended travel, and speaking about open science at conferences</strong></p> <p>Nov 3 -- Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood -- three sessions related to Open Science. A <strong>symposium about EAMMi2</strong>, a <strong>moderated discussion about EAMMi3</strong>, and a <strong>moderated discussion about improving research practices in developmental psychlogy</strong></p> <p>Nov. 7 -- Shippensburg University --<em>Students Contributing to Science while Studying Themselves: Emerging Adulthood Measured at Multiple Institutions 2</em></p> <p>Nov. 9 -- Taylor & Francsis Scholarly Summit -- <em>Implementing Open Science Badges</em></p> <p>Jan 16th -- Deep Open Science Discussion with a Department Chair near the Shallow Waters of the Everglades, FL</p> <p>Jan 26th -- Pacific Lutheran University --Formal meeting with Provost introducing the OSF for scholarship and teaching, Tacoma, WA</p> <p>Feb 15th -- Pacific Lutheran University -- class visit <em>Considering Open Science Methodology when Studying Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination</em>, Tacoma, WA</p> <p>Feb 26th -- Pacific Lutheran University -- class visit <em>The Collaborative Replications and Education Project (CREP): An Open Science Initiative for Students</em> Tacoma, WA</p> <p>March 1-3 -- SPSP, Atlanta, GA</p> <p>March 6-9 -- Southeastern Psychological Association, Charleston, SC -- </p> <p>April 9-10 -- Western Washington University , Open Science Workshop, Open Science Talk, meetings with Admin, Bellingham, WA <em>MUSIC</em></p> <p>April 13-15 -- Southwestern Psychological Association, - invited talk - "Open Science Initiatives Promote Diverse, Just, and Sustainable Research" Houston, Texas </p> <p>April 16 -- Trinity University, San Antonio, TX -- OSF Workshop, Open Science Discussion <em>MUSIC</em></p> <p>April 18 -- University of Texas at Texarcana -- OSF Workshop, Open Science Talk <em>MUSIC</em></p> <p>April 19 -- University of Arkansas at Monticello -- Open Science Talk</p> <p>April 20 -- University of Central Arkansas - Open Science Workshop, Open Science Talk, meetings with Admin <em>MUSIC</em></p> <p>April 21 -- Arkansas Symposium for Psychology Students, Conway, AR -- Keynote Talk</p> <p>May 14 -- Franke Tobey Jones Lecture Series -- Causes an Consequences of the Replication Crisis, Tacoma, WA -- continuing education</p> <p>May 24-27 -- APS, San Francisco, CA</p> <p>June 24-30 -- ICAP, Montreal, Canada</p> <p>August 9-12 APA, San Francisco, CA</p>
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