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Category: Project

Description: we will record the Album, "Scientific Reproducibility" and document our Open Science Tours 2017

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


Current "Crisis Schmeisis: Scientific Reproducibility" songs Replicaiton Crisis Go Forth & Replicate Preregistered Ode 2 p-Hacking My first Sabbatical Project is learn how to teach students to learn R. A secondary Sabbatrical Project is Record an album, "Crisis Schmeisis: Scientific Reproducibility". Jon Grahe is the producer and manager until replaced. 1st song is "Replication Crisis". Curre...


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  • Crisis Schmeisis 2017 Lecture or Music Tour

    Whether there is a replication crisis or not, open science initiatives benefit personal workflow for the benefit of science. This page contains detail...

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  • "Replication Crisis" Song

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  • "Go Forth and Replicate" Song

    This is the 2nd song on the track, recorded in E. This is the cheerful call to join the crowd.

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