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Description: Even though there is extensive research on absorbing experiences with narrative media, an instrument able to measure di erent aspects of absorption in the story world of a textual narrative has yet to be developed. Such an instrument should be able to predict di erent evaluative responses while at the same time being sensi- tive to various stimulus materials, because it could help further the research into the relationships between narrative texts, absorbing experiences and entertain- ment outcomes. is paper develops such an instrument through a literature review, interview study, pilot study, and exploratory and con rmatory factor analysis. Attention, transportation, emotional engagement and mental imagery were found to be dimensions of story world absorption. e nal scale is reliable, sensitive to di erent stimulus materials and able to predict two di erent evaluative responses: enjoyment and impact. It is argued that the text a reader reads deter- mines the particular evaluative response to a story world absorption experience.


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