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Description: Getting a massive number of shade balls into the ocean under hurricanes is the name of the game. The Center for Open Shade Balls is the home for the project aimed at using terraforming technology on our own planet to make it a better place, and opening that technology up to a wide audience benefit from it. Shade balls prevent water from evaporation, and so can so prevent the warm, wet air in a hurricane from rising. This would act to poison the hurricane, effectively shutting the system's convection currents down.

License: Apache License 2.0


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Pfeiffer Nuclear Weapon and National Security Archive

A collection of nuclear weapon and national security documents, records, scans, and images that I have acquired as part of my research and news media ...

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The role of upper level diffluence in the Tropical Easterly Jet in the formation of the recent strongest Atlantic hurricanes

Krishnamurti, Karmakar, Misra & 4 more
In this paper we report the evidence of the potential role of diffluence in the 200hPa wind field off the coast of West Africa in the formation of a s...

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