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  1. Evelien Heijselaar

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Category: Project

Description: A multimodal project on reciprocity and child-robot interaction using the Cozmo robot and an Ultimatum game. Children between 5-12-years were introduced to the Cozmo robot in a 30-minutes group session, followed by a 20-minutes individual test session. In the test session children watched a 4-minutes instructions video, followed by two test rounds against a computer. Children then played 4 rounds against a computer and 4 rounds against Cozmo. Afterwards children filled in a relationship formation survey. All materials, code, and data can be found in this project and the linked gitlab project. Data was collected in March 2022 (CRI_22_study-school.csv). We also took part in the BreinBreker Festival (Utrecht, 30 April 2022). During the festival, children played the Ultimatum game against the Cozmo robot. Please be careful with analysing and interpreting this data (CRI_22_festival-sample.csv), as it wasn't a well controlled setup and doesn't feature a control condition (child). The children were not tested on their own but had siblings, friends, family and other members of the public present. Credits: Freepik, Adobe Stock, FreeMusic, Narakeet, Anki, Kinvert (BMG Media).

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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