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**MICROSCOPY** Microscopy data can come from several modalities, including optical microscopy (OM), transmit electron microscopy (TEM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), coherent Anti-Stoke Raman Spectroscopy (CARS). A tagging convention exists for easy search. **DATA ORGANIZATION** ~~~ center |-project |-histology |-description_histology.json |-mri |-description_mri.json ~~~ **description_histology.json** ~~~ { "Center":"PolytechniqueMontreal", "Authors":"T. Duval, A. Zaimi, J. Cohen-Adad", "Project":"RatTestNov2015", # Project ID, tag of study, etc. "DOI":"XXX" # DOI of publication "URL":"", "Modality":"SEM", # SEM (scanning electron microscope), TEM, OI, CARS "Pathology":"HC", % HC, MS, EAE "PixelSize":"0.1um", "Staining":"Osmium", "Structure":"Spinal cord", # Corpus Callossum, "Region":"Left" % Left, Right, Ventral, Dorsal, Cuneatus } ~~~ **parameters_histology.txt** ~~~ Adult Dog Thoracic 1. Fixation : - No wash / no perfusion - Immersion 1 months in PFA 4% at 4°C 2. Staining : Osmium 2% 2H 3. Embedding : EMbed 812 Resin ~~~
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