Cortical Thickness and Resting State Cardiac Function Across the Lifespan: A Cross-Sectional Pooled Mega Analysis

  1. Birgit Abler
  2. Ingrid Agartz
  3. Torbjörn Åkerstedt
  4. Mia Anthony
  5. Katja Bertsch
  6. Rebecca C. Brown
  7. Romuald Brunner
  8. Kathryn R. Cullen
  9. Eco J.C. de Geus
  10. Isabel Dziobek
  11. Herta Flor
  12. Simon Guendelman
  13. Sabine C. Herpertz
  14. Michael Kaess
  15. Tobias Kaufmann
  16. Marlene Krauch
  17. Femke Lamers
  18. Mats Lekander
  19. Feng Lin
  20. Elena Makovac
  21. Matteo Mancini
  22. Falk Mancke
  23. Stephen B. Manuck
  24. Bryon Mueller
  25. Vera Muench
  26. Frauke Nees
  27. Daniela Ordonez Acuna
  28. Brenda W.J.H. Penninx
  29. Allison Ponzio
  30. Govinda R. Poudel
  31. Janis Reinelt
  32. Ping Ren
  33. Lin Sørensen
  34. Joana Straub
  35. Julian F. Thayer
  36. Benjamin Ubani
  37. Laura S. van Velzen
  38. David R. Watson
  39. Luqing Wei
  40. Melinda Westlund Schreiner

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Category: Project

Description: Resting state autonomic nervous system activity [ANS] indexed by measures of heart rate [HR] and its variability [HRV], is associated with brain morphology, in particular cortical thickness [CT]. However, findings have been mixed regarding the regions of interest [ROI] associated with HR/HRV and the direction of the association. Sex and age differences in HR/HRV and CT may explain some of the existing inconsistencies. Understanding the association between ANS function and brain morphology across aging, may provide important insights into neurovisceral mechanisms underlying health and disease. Previous studies have been limited by small sample sizes, prohibiting the assessment of sex differences, and effects of aging, in the association between ANS function and CT. In an effort to overcome these limitations, data from researchers worldwide, applying similar protocols in the assessment of CT and recording of HR/HRV, will be pooled for a mega-analysis. This preprint details the hypotheses, strategies for pooling of data and planned analyses of this project.

License: CC0 1.0 Universal


If you are interested to contribute data to this project, please contact J. Koenig up until May 1st 2018.


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