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Category: Project

Description: Materials associated with a project where people guessed the identity of ancient and unfamiliar letters for /i/ and /u/. The Study Elements section contains stimuli, materials and data. The Public Science section contains activities suitable for use in public museums/galleries or Science Outreach including public lectures or classroom activities. See also: Turoman and Styles (2017) RSOS

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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/i/ and /u/ study elements

Glyph Stimuli; Glyph Guessing Norms; Raw Data; and a Test Kit for replication on paper.

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Public Science Outreach Activities

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Glyph Guessing Norms for 56 ancient and unfamiliar scripts

Norms for guessing which glyph is 'ee' or 'oo' in pairs drawn from 56 ancient and unfamiliar writing systems. For individual glyph graphics files, see...

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