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Category: Procedure

Description: As a neuroimager working with open-source software and tools, you will quickly become familiar with the website GitHub, which is a (for profit) platform for storing, managing, and sharing code, software, and projects. Many of the open-source tools discussed in this book are hosted on GitHub. Although people are generally very familiar with GitHub (or GitLab), they are often less familiar with its foundation - Git. Better understanding Git will help you better manage your own projects and will also help you to better understand GitHub and how to use it optimally. In this chapter, we will first explain Git and how to use it, then we will turn to GitHub. A worked example – a clustering analysis – with open access neuroimaging data is provided, demonstrating utilities such as version control, branching and conflict resolution.

Has supplemental materials for Optimising your reproducible neuroimaging workflow with Git on OSF Preprints


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OHBM 2022: Establishing a reproducible and sustainable analysis workflow

Clare Kelly (& Mélanie Garcia) 3.40-4.10

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