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Description: Developing Doping Awareness Literacy with the Safe You programme: In 2015, a consortium of global experts in the study of the use of PAES, joined forces through the ERASMUS+ funded SAFE YOU and SAFE YOU+ (Strengthening the Anti-doping Fight in Fitness and Exercise in Youth) projects. The objective was to develop an evidence-based educational programme to support young people involved in sports and exercise at all levels and help them to avoid potential harm from the use of performance- and image-enhancing substances. Our motto “Know Your Body. Know Your Substances. Know Your Rules” seamlessly bridges the gap between amateur sport and exercise, and regulated competitive sport. Regardless of what kind of athlete you are, you must “know your body” and you must “know your substances”. If you also “know your rules”, you can adjust your behaviour to the specific requirements of your chosen sport and your achievement level.


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