Public COAPI Toolkit of Open Access Policy Resources

  1. Judy Anderson
  2. Jordan Andrade
  3. Jeff Belliston
  4. Mark Christel
  5. Amy Coughenour
  6. Eva Cunningham
  7. Kimberly Douglas
  8. Stephen Flynn
  9. Bryn Geffert
  10. Chloe Georas
  11. Dan Heuer
  12. Brian Kern
  13. Farley Laine
  14. Camilla MacKay
  15. Kathleen McQuiston
  16. Mark Newton
  17. Mila Pollack
  18. Kathryn Pope
  19. Rebecca Reznik-Zellen
  20. Elizabeth Smart
  21. Mark Stover
  22. Andrew Wesolek
  23. Jenifer Bartle
  24. Gerald Beasley
  25. Terry Birdwhistell
  26. Jim Bothmer
  27. Rick Clement
  28. Matt Covey
  29. Patsy Carruthers
  30. Rebecca Cremona
  31. Jane Costanza
  32. Katie Coffman
  33. Marc Greenburg
  34. Martin Halbert
  35. Graham Henderson
  36. JQ Johnson
  37. Deborah Ludwig
  38. Lisa Macklin
  39. Csaba Nikolenyi
  40. Benjamin Panciera
  41. Town Peterson
  42. Rick Provine
  43. Helen Reed
  44. Shannon Stark
  45. Rebecca Smith
  46. Mary Beth Thompson
  47. Paul Schoening
  48. Deborah Jakubs
  49. Melanie Kowalski
  50. Bethany Nash
  51. Marlee Givens
  52. Sue Kriegsman
  53. Cheryl Truesdell
  54. David Lewis
  55. Neil McElroy
  56. Diane Geraci
  57. Ann Wolpert
  58. Mary Marlino
  59. Ray English
  60. Sebastian Faber
  61. Linda Friend
  62. Donna Ferullo
  63. Jonathan Miller
  64. Shawn Daugherty
  65. Jean McKenzie
  66. Margaret Phillips
  67. Ivy Anderson
  68. Angela Riggio
  69. Susan Mikkelsen
  70. Rhonda Neugebauer
  71. Karen Butter
  72. James F. Williams
  73. Judith Russell
  74. Beth Tillinghast
  75. Aaron McCullough
  76. John Culshaw
  77. Kevin L. Smith
  78. Sean Barker
  79. Ann Devenish
  80. Rebel Cummings-Sauls
  81. John Weaver
  82. Carla Myers
  83. Alan Boyd
  84. Anne Houston
  85. JoAnne Newyear-Ramirez
  86. Sherri Barnes
  87. Nancy Stimson
  88. Maude Laplante-Dube
  89. Perry Collins
  90. Rachel Walton
  91. Catherine Dwyer
  92. Patty Gallilee
  93. K. Max Zhang
  94. Geoffrey Little
  95. Guylaine Beaudry
  96. Katie Pierce Farrier
  97. Jennifer Raye
  98. Karen Bjork
  99. anna craft
  100. mark robertson
  101. David Lowe
  102. Lindsay Van Berkom
  103. Jason Byrd
Affiliated institutions: Florida State University, Washington University in St. Louis

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Category: Communication

Description: The Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions (COAPI, ) is committed to sharing information and resources to assist in the development and implementation of institutional Open Access (OA) policies. The COAPI Toolkit includes a diverse collection of resources that COAPI members have developed in the course of their OA policy initiatives. These resources are openly accessible and published here under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licenses, unless otherwise noted on the resources themselves.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


Public Toolkit of OA Policy Resources The Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions (COAPI) Toolkit includes a diverse collection of resources related to OA policy initiatives. Getting Started Guidelines for Contributors (public toolkit) Links to External Resources Relevant Studies and Publications Toolkit Working Group


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