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  1. Stephan Risi
  2. Emma Kerr
  3. Emer Brady
  4. Lanu Kim
  5. Daniel A. McFarland
  6. Dan Jurafsky
  7. James Zou

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Category: Project

Description: This study explores associations between changing researcher demographics and research questions asked in the field of history. Specifically, we analyze developments in the discipline of history as women entered the field. We focus on gender in diachronic analysis of history dissertations from 1980 (when online data is first available) to 2015 and a select set of general history journals from 1950 to 2015. We use correlated topic modeling and network visualizations to map developments in research agendas over time and to examine how women and men have contributed to these developments. This quantitative, longitudinal study of history suggests a symbiotic relationship between the numbers of women entering the field and the emergence of new research questions in the field.


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