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Category: Instrumentation

Description: Test materials for Chang and Yao (2022, "An individual-differences perspective on variation in heritage Mandarin speakers", The Phonetics and Phonology of Heritage Languages), as well as Chang and Yao (2019, "Production of neutral tone in Mandarin by heritage, native, and second language speakers", Proceedings of ICPhS 2019), Chang and Yao (2016, "Toward an understanding of heritage prosody: Acoustic and perceptual properties of tone produced by heritage, native, and second language speakers of Mandarin", Heritage Language Journal), and Chang, Yao, Haynes, and Rhodes (2011, "Production of phonetic and phonological contrast by heritage speakers of Mandarin", JASA), which are shareable publicly according to the study's IRB protocol: namely, the Language Background Questionnaire (provided in PDF format). The list of critical linguistic stimuli in Chang and Yao (2019) is provided in pinyin in the paper, and in simplified Chinese characters in Chang and Yao (2016). The other stimuli produced in the same experimental session are listed in Chang and Yao (2016), as well as in Chang, Yao, Haynes, and Rhodes (2011).

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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