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<p>alldata.sav includes the raw data with errors coded. They are excluded in the syntax file.</p> <p>Column 1 is the subject number</p> <p>Column 2 identifies the task (colour or object naming)</p> <p>Column 3 is a number for each item.</p> <p>Column 4 is reaction time. negative numbers are errors</p> <p>Column 5 marks errors. 0=good trials. 1=error trials.</p> <p>Column 6 indicates which block a trial occurred in.</p> <p>Column 7 is the experimental conditions (congruent vs. incongruent).</p> <p>Column 8 is the object in the trial. This column is used for the by-items analyses.</p> <p>Column 9 is the colour of the picture.</p> <p>Janssen et al 2008 syntax.sps is the syntax file that will convert the raw data into the aggregated file to analyze. Syntax in annotated.</p> <p>Janssen et al 2008 results.spv is the SPSS output file.</p> <p>F1RT_readyforanalysis is the data file with by-subject condition means.</p> <p>F2RT_readyforanalysis is the data file with by-item condition means.</p>

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