Augmented Modality Exclusivity Norms for Concrete and Abstract Italian Property Words

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Description: We developed a new set of modality exclusivity norms for 643 Italian concrete and abstract words. In addition to sensory scores for each perceptual modality, we calculated Maximum Perceptual Strength, Modality Exclusivity, Summed Perceptual Strengths, Dominant Modality and Entropy. We augmented the database with corpus-based (Zipf Frequency, Contextual Diversity, Orthographic Neighbourhood Size, OLD20, Length in Letters) and rating-based covariates (Familiarity, Age of Acquisition, Context Availability) that are known to influence word processing. We performed split-half correlations to confirm the reliability of our norms and explored their correlational structure.


The files below allows you to re-run the entire flow of analysis that is reported in the paper. You just need to download the whole folder, specify your mount point in analysis.R (line 8), and then run the script. If you just want to download the database, you'll find it in both wide (percStrengthDatabaseItalian_wide.csv) and long format (percStrengthDatabaseItalian_long.csv). wordsAll.txt contain...


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