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Description: This page hosts chapters for an edited volume on 'Human Evolutionary Demography', edited by Oskar Burger, Ron Lee and Rebecca Sear. See Table of Contents doc for a full list of chapter titles and authors. This volume stems from the shared belief of the editors that evolution and demography are inseparable: evolution cannot be understood without understanding demography, and demographic patterns cannot be fully explained without evolution. Despite close links between the disciplines the in early 20th century, in the 21st century, the disciplines of demography and evolutionary biology largely operate independently of one another. There is, however, growing recognition of the gains that can be made by closer relationships between these disciplines. This volume aims to highlight to researchers interested in our own species what those gains might be, and to encourage further integration between disciplines. The volume also capitalises on that growing recognition, by incorporating chapters from those researchers at the cutting edge of the interdisciplinary field of evolutionary demography: showcasing the latest research in this small but vibrant field.


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