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Description: These are supplementary files for the following publication: Vidal, Sergi; Lersch, Philipp M. (2021): Panel Data in Research on Mobility and Migration. A Review of Recent Advances. In Comparative Population Studies 46. doi: 10.12765/CPoS-2021-07 Abstract: Panel data has become the gold standard for causal assessments of complex human behaviour in quantitative social science. The objective of this review is to examine and discuss how panel data and related methods contribute to the identification of causal relationships in spatial mobility research. We illustrate this by providing a succinct overview of recent progress in spatial mobility research, drawing on panel data. The review analyses evidence from a number of scholarly disciplines, maps patterns, establishes determinants and assesses the impact of spatial mobility for a range of outcomes. Studies presented in this article are used to decipher complex interdependencies over the life course, scrutinisze the selectivity of migrants, and shed light on the interplay between individual agency, social embeddedness and socio-structural contexts. The article concludes with a set of critical issues for future research.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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