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Description: The present audiovisual corpus consists of narrative productions carried out by 83 children at two time points in development (when children were 5-6 years old, and then two years later). All the narratives have been orthographically transcribed and analyzed for prosody, gesture, and Information Structure. The studies/subprojects carried out with this longitudinal corpus aim to analyze children’s gesture-speech multimodal development in narrative discourse. For more details, see the PDF file "CatND_description_Vilà-Giménez et al". Please see the subprojects in the "Components" section below for more details about different individual studies that have been carried out using this audiovisual corpus. Data availability: The audiovisual data of this corpus are not publicly available due to privacy or ethical concerns and are available from the corresponding author and the second author upon reasonable request (OSF data repository). The ELAN data and information about this project are available at OSF with the identifier


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Children Use Non-referential Gestures in Narrative Speech to Mark Discourse Elements Which Update Common Ground

This study analyzes the longitudinal development of the pragmatic value that referential and non-referential gestures have in information structure ma...

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Multimodal development in children’s narrative speech: Evidence for tight gesture-speech temporal alignment patterns as early as 5 years old

In this project, we analyze the development of gesture-speech temporal alignment patterns in children’s narrative speech from a longitudinal perspecti...

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