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Description: Dear Researcher, IMPORTANT: BY DOWNLOADING THE MICRA DATASET YOU AGREE TO THE OBLIGATIONS OUTLINED BELOW BY DEFAULT. This letter outlines the basis of the transfer of CUBRIC Data (as defined below) to “the Researcher” by Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre School of Psychology (“CUBRIC”) part of Cardiff University located at Maindy Road, Cardiff, CF24 4HQ; CUBRIC has collected neuroimaging data (“CUBRIC Data”) as a result of the use of the MRI, MEG, TMS and EEG Systems both at the Park Place and Maindy Rd. sites. CUBRIC is willing and able to make selected data available to researchers within Cardiff University and at other institutions for research purposes (“the Researcher”) subject to the Researcher being aware of and complying with specific obligations (“CUBRIC Obligations”) relating to the use of the CUBRIC Data. This document outlines the CUBRIC Obligations which the Researcher must respect when using the MICRA Data (described in Schedule 1 below as “the Requested Data”). It covers the arrangements which are needed to ensure effective and efficient research governance and aims to establish a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Researcher. The Researcher agrees that the signing of this letter does not create any legally binding obligations but recognises that any breach of this letter by the Researcher or the Research Team may put Cardiff University in breach of its obligations to its funders. If the Researcher is an employee of Cardiff University, this may be regarded as a breach of the Researcher’s employment contract with Cardiff University. CUBRIC is willing to provide the Requested Data to the Researcher solely for the purposes of the Project and expects the Researcher to be mindful of the obligations set out in this letter. CUBRIC shall provide the Requested Data to the Researcher until the date outlined in the Project (“the Term”). In the event that the Researcher requires the Requested Data after the end of the Term, the Researcher shall submit a further request to CUBRIC in writing. The Researcher shall use the Requested Data for the purposes of the Project only. The Researcher shall not use the Requested Data for any commercial purpose or for commercially sponsored research without seeking written consent from CUBRIC. The Researcher shall keep all Requested Data securely and use the Requested Data in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines for the purposes of and for the duration of the Project. The Requested Data will be received by the Researcher and will not be transferred, distributed, released or disclosed by the Researcher to any other organisation or institution including without limitation to any members of the Research Team who is not employed by the Researcher’s employer (which is likely to include any students or NHS employees who only hold honorary contracts with the Researcher’s employer) without their adherence to the obligations outlined in this agreement. By downloading this data, The Researcher acknowledges that the data will not be shared with any internal collaborator without their acknowledgement of the obligations outlined in this letter. All collaborators must acknowledge that the CUBRIC Obligations will be adhered to, so as to ensure compliance with the CUBRIC Obligations. The Researcher shall have appropriate measures in place to ensure the confidentiality of the CUBRIC Data in the Researcher’s custody and shall not attempt to obtain information identifying the individuals who have provided the CUBRIC Data. It is imperative that the Researcher does not and procures that the Research Team does not try to identify any individuals from the Requested Data provided. The Researcher agrees that the CUBRIC Data is confidential in nature and that it shall not share any confidential information with any third parties without the prior written consent of CUBRIC. The Researcher shall be permitted to publish and disclose information pertaining to or resulting from the Researcher’s use of the Requested Data provided always that: a. the Researcher shall inform CUBRIC if the data are to be included in a publication; and b. all such publications should acknowledge CUBRIC’s involvement as the source of the Requested Data in accordance with normal academic practice and/or acknowledgement, as defined in Schedule 1. The Results and any intellectual property rights in relation to the same shall be treated in accordance with any agreements in place under which the Researcher conducts the Project. The CUBRIC Data are, and shall remain at all times, the sole property of Cardiff University under the curation of CUBRIC and all unused CUBRIC Data including all copies, replications and documents or files containing the same whether in hard copy or electronic copy shall be immediately returned to CUBRIC (or if CUBRIC so requires, destroyed) upon the earlier of: a. expiry of the Term; b. at CUBRIC’s request. Yours sincerely, Dr John Evans MRI Research Fellow & MRI Lab Manager CUBRIC Direct line: +44 (0) 29 208 76402 Email: SCHEDULE 1 The Requested Data: MICRA dataset Period the Requested Data is required: Indefinitely Description of the Project: We provide a rich multi-contrast microstructural MRI dataset acquired on an ultra-strong gradient 3T Connectom MRI scanner comprising 5 repeated sets of MRI microstructural contrasts in 6 healthy human participants. This unique dataset is offered to the imaging community as a test-bed resource for conducting specialised analyses that may assist and inform their current and future research. The Microstructural Image Compilation with Repeated Acquisitions (MICRA) dataset includes raw data and computed microstructure maps derived from multi-shell and multi-direction encoded diffusion, multi-component relaxometry and quantitative magnetisation transfer acquisition protocols. Required Acknowledgement for CUBRIC: Please cite below in all instances where the data is used: Koller, K., Rudrapatna, S. U., Chamberland, M., Raven, E. P., Parker, G. D., Tax, C. M. W., … Jones, D. K. (2020). MICRA: Microstructural Image Compilation with Repeated Acquisitions. NeuroImage, 117406.


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