COVerAGE-DB: A database of COVID-19 cases and deaths by age


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Category: Project

Description: A database of COVID-19 confirmed cases and deaths as reported by statistical agencies, standardized and in harmonized age groups. This project is currently in development, stay tuned for documentation. You can get preliminary output in 5 and 10-year age groups in the /Data folder. This contains columns for Cases, Deaths, and Tests (presently only available by age for Denmark, Estonia, and Illinois (US)). There are more populations availale in the unharmonized input database (inputDB.csv) because they may be awaiting additional inputs needed to harmonize age groups. The team (so far), alphabetical by last name: José Manuel Aburto, Enrique Acosta, Diego Alburez-Gutierrez, Anna Altová, Ugofilippo Baselini, Simona Bignami, Didier Breton, Jorge Cimentada, Gonzalo De Armas, Emanuele del Fava, Viorela Diaconu, Jessica Donzowa, Christian Dudel, Toni Froehlich, Alain Gagnon, Mariana Garcia Cristómo, Victor M. Garcia-Guerrero, Armando González, Irwin Hecker, Marina Kolobova, Chia Liu, Andrea Lozer, Mădălina Manea, Muntasir Masun, Ryohei Mogi, Saskia Morwinsky, Mikko Myrskylä, Marilia Nepomuceno, Michelle Nickel, Natalie Nitsche, Anna Oksuzyan, Samuel Oladele, Emmanuel Olamijuwon, Soumaila Ouedraogo, Mariana Paredes, Marius Pascariu, Manuel Piriz, Raquel Pollero, Federico Rehermann, Filipe Ribeiro, Tim Riffe, Silvia Rizzi, Francisco Rowe, Isaac Sasson, Jiaxin Shi, Rafael Silva, Cosmo Strozza, Catalina Torres, Sergi Trias-Llimos, Fumiya Uchikoshi, Alyson van Raalte, Paola Vasquez, Estevão Vilela, Iván Williams, Virginia Zarulli

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International

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  • Type:  COVID-19
  • Status:  Active


The most up-to-date data files can be found in Data/. These are built daily (when possible). Each file is also given a sequential version number by OSF. This (and timestamps in file headers) ought to help make analyses reproducible. More details and tips to come soon.


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