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  1. Franceco Arcuri
  2. MariaLuigina Pignataro
  3. Loris Pignolo
  4. Simone Carozzo
  5. Sebastiano Serra
  6. Demetrio Messina
  7. Antonio Biafora
  8. Luca Abbruzzino
  9. Caterina Ceraudo
  10. Giuseppina Basta
  11. Paolo Tonin

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Category: Project

Description: The neurorehabilitation of cerebellar damage in neurological patients (i.e., stroke or multiple sclerosis) remains sparsely studied. This case report is aimed at providing evidence on the development of a new cognitive approach targeting cerebellar functions. We hope that our paper will stimulate an interesting scientific debate (, which comes from our previous study demonstrating the tight relationship between cooking activity and the cerebellar functioning: (;

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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