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This is a project funded by the Betty and Gordon Moore Foundation as part of the Marine Microbial Initiative - Experimental Model Systems (MMI-EMS). We are building open source genetic tools for DNA fabrication based on the [LOOP][1] assembly method for plants. All protocols, resources and data will be publicly released through OSF,, and GitHUB. "uLOOP" (from universal LOOP) is an open source, species-agnostic and simple DNA assembly tool being tested in yeast, diatoms, plants and bacteria. We have successfully built 4 versions of uLOOP (pSB from pSB4K5 vector from iGEM; pCO from pJT170 from Torella et al, 2014; pCA from pCambia; pAN from pAN3945 from Nielsen et al., 2016) **Comments, ideas and collaborations are welcome at all times!**. **People:** **PUC Chile**: Fernan Federici, Bernardo Pollak, Tamara Matute, Peter von Dassow, Constanza Lopez, Jorge Ibañez and Valentina Vargas, **[UPMC][2] France:** Marianne Jaubert and Angela Falciatore. **[JCVI][3] US:** Chris Dupont and Vincent Bielinski. “This research is funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation through Grant GBMF4981.01 to Fernán Federici and Peter von Dassow” @[osf]( ULoop decouples efficiency of assembly from efficiency of transformation, maintenaince and propagation in target organisms @[osf]( uLoop allows the assembly of DNA of exponentially increasing size. @[osf]( [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]:
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