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Description: Here you can find R codes and Mplus codes for the simulated illustrative example (Example 1). If there are any bugs, please write us an e-mail. Thanks! Edits 25-08-2019: 1. A small change was made to the AnalyzeData-File. Specifically, we have added a control-parameter to the lmer-function call. Please use AnalyzeData_25082019.R from now on. 2. We also changed the Makeplots-file. There was an error in the commands for Figure 2. Thanks to Dr. Xinwen Bai from the Chinese Academy of Sciences for catching it. Please use MakePlots_25082019.R from now on. 3. Finally, we also made a small change to the MLRSA_Utils_RandomEffectMatrix-function in the MultilevelRSA-Source file so that a level 2 variance estimate is estimated even if only one random effect is estimated (in addition to the intercept). Please use the MultilevelRSA_25082019-file from now on. Addition 30-04-2021: We are very often asked how one can use the codes to compute a Multilevel-RSA in which one of the congruence variables is a Level 1 predictor and the other is a Level 2 predictor (see Bleidorn et al., 2016). We added a folder to the project that contains R codes for this. Edits 23-05-2021: There was a bug in the MultilevelRSA-function due to a change in the lme4-function. We corrected that. Please use MultilevelRSA_23052021.R from now on. Edits 24-05-2021: We improved customizability of the functions that generate the three-dimensional plots. You can now specify various arguments that will be forwarded to the plotRSA function (see help(plotRSA) for a list of possibilities). For example, you can customize the axis ranges with xlim, ylim, and zlim. Please use MultilevelRSA_24052021 from now on.


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