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Description: The Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience in Behavioral Ecology curriculum (CURE-BxEco) aims to provide the curriculum necessary for students across the globe to access independent research experiences in animal behavior and behavioral ecology. This curriculum includes instructional materials to teach students how to conceptualize, design, conduct, and report independent research projects using behavioral observations collected either in person or using freely accessible live animal webcams. Within this curriculum, we also aimed to incorporate an open science initiative to provide students with training in open scholarship as well as catalyze expansive and comparative research by future students. Each Component of this OSF Project represent the products of a student's course-based independent research project. This repository and database will continue to be updated.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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Well-being and stress in orangutans at the Saint Louis and San Diego Zoos

Sumatran orangutans (Pongo abelii) are a critically endangered primate species that have experienced sharp population declines over the last half-cent...

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Spatial variability of stereotypic behavior in three bear species

Captive animal welfare can be informed via observations of stereotypic behaviors (abnormal, repetitive motor functions) as they are perceived as indic...

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The large herd dynamics and social behavior of domesticated donkeys

Little research has been conducted regarding the social behavior of domesticated donkeys (Equus asinus). However, a species as profuse and well-known ...

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