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Category: Analysis

Description: This repository provides the files necessary to replicate the analysis for the study "Explaining media coverage of Constitutional Court decisions in Germany: The role of case characteristics" The README.html provides the information on all objects which are uploaded in “data_and_code” and “manual_coding”. If you are interested in replicating the analysis reported in the study and the robustness checks reported in the supplementary online appendices, then simply run the “Analysis.Rmd” markdown file in “data_and_code/in/code”. The Codebook_finaldata_and_alternativeDV_v1.2.pdf provides essential information the operationalization for each variable which was used for the analyses reported in the study (and used in “Analysis.Rmd”). If you have further questions regarding the data, the analysis, or the measurments feel free to contact me: Office Address Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Institut für Politikwissenschaft Schneiderberg 50 30167 Hannover (0511) 762-4917 E-Mail: Phone: +49-511-762-4917 Twitter: Research Gate:

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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