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Category: Software

Description: PsychOpen CAMA is a platform enabling the publication of reproducible and dynamic meta-analyses in psychology. It is a service of ZPID (Leibniz Institute for Psychology) and provides a template to facilitate updating and augmenting existing meta-analyses by the research community. Standardized meta-analytic datasets are available via a point-and-click interface. In the background, analyses are conducted via an Open CPU server with the help of an R package consisting of standardized data, metadata and meta-analytic functions. The workshop is supposed to introduce attendees to the need and concept of Community-Augmented Meta-Analysis (CAMA) systems. PsychOpen CAMA is presented in more detail, including the concrete architecture of the system, as well as data templates and underlying methodology. A demonstration will give an overview of available functionalities on the platform. Furthermore, ways to contribute or extend data in PsychOpen CAMA are presented and potential further ways of acquiring and extending datasets in PsychOpen CAMA are discussed.


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