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Description: This paper provides practical recommendations to help promote effective strategies for the use of lecture capture for students and staff. We draw on cognitive and educational psychological research to place lecture capture within the framework of self-regulated learning. For students, we suggest that the importance of attendance and effective note-taking should be reinforced, as well as specifying how lecture capture can best be used as a catch-up or revision aid. For staff, we highlight the need to provide guidance for students and to adopt a context-dependent approach to lecture capture based on pedagogical considerations, rather than all-or-nothing. Regarding the issue of the relationship between lecture capture and attendance, we suggest the focus should move to a more nuanced discussion of why students fail to attend lectures and how they are using lecture capture. Finally, we discuss other concerns commonly raised by staff related to lecture capture. Our student guidance is available for dissemination in infographic form at

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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