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Category: Data

Description: This dataset provides information about the partnerships of the 20 most-used social media platforms and apps (according to statistics portal Statista) and the data intermediaries connected to them, derived from their own (public) partner programmes and directories between January–March, 2018. This information includes: (a) network graphs and data tables of all partnership relations the partner relationships and software integrations; (b) details about each partnership relation or software integration (N = 9,184); (c) details about each partner firm or organisation (N = 6,782); and (d) (high-resolution) information graphics created from these sources. The dataset is deposited for the (open access) journal article: van der Vlist, F. N. & Helmond, A. (2021). How partners mediate platform power: Mapping business and data partnerships in the social media ecosystem. Big Data & Society, 8(1), 1–16. SAGE Publications.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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