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Description: Funded 2019 by Action for AT charity (Registered UK charity: 1145303) This programme of research adopts a co-production of research philosophy. Output will be published under the pseudonym 'The A-Team collaborative'. The members of the collaborative listed below all have the right to claim co-authorship of output, relevant to the respective year of their involvement. Years 2019-2020: Dr Lisa Bunn (Principal Investigator, overall group facilitator and original funding lead, Director of Studies for PhD student, Physiotherapist) Scoping review (ScR) full text expert reviewer. Dr Tracey Parkin (Original co-applicant, PhD student supervisor and acting DoS 1/1/20-1/8/20, Dietitian) ScR full text reviewer - Dietetics and nutrition Dr Elizabeth Cassidy (Original co-applicant, PhD student supervisor, Physiotherapist) ScR screener and full text reviewer/extractor. Dr Amanda Wallace (Original co-applicant, PhD student supervisor, Physiotherapist) ScR Screener and level 1 decision maker. Ms Munira Khan (PhD student, Social Worker) Lead of the Scoping Review 2020 (see protocol published below). Mrs Kath Donohue (Original co-applicant, Respiratory Physiotherapist) ScR full text reviewer- respiratory physiotherapy Mrs Viviane Day (Original co-applicant) Mrs Joanne Bloomer (Original co-applicant) Dr Miriam McMullan (Original co-applicant, Podiatrist) Dr Susan Mitchell (Original co-applicant, Occupational Therapist) ScR full text reviewer OT Miss Helen Hartley (Original co-applicant, Paediatric Physiotherapist) ScR full text expert reviewer physio. Prof Bernie Carter (Original co-applicant, Nurse) Full text expert reviewer nursing and nutrition. Mr Stephen Lane (Original co-applicant, Medical Statistician) Prof Paul Artes (Original co-applicant, Optometrist) Dr Azma Zahidi ScR full text expert reviewer - Paed optometry Dr William Whitehouse (Original co-applicant, Paediatrician) ScR protocol reviewer and decision maker Prof Paola Giunti (Original co-applicant, Consultant Neurologist) ScR protocol reviewer Rachel Medd (Original coapplicant, Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist) Mr Amandeep Sharma (Collaborator from 2020) Mrs Nicola McNarry (Collaborator from 2020, Paediatric Respiratory Physiotherapy Specialist) ScR full text expert reviewer for Respiratory Physiotherapy Mrs Gemma Quin (collaborator from 2020, Respiratory Physiotherapy specialist) ScR full text reviewer - Respiratory physiotherapy

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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