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Description: This is the repository of Creative Common images for the Manuscripts of Lichfield Cathedral website: In 2010, I led a team that digitized the St Chad Gospels and Lichfield Cathedral's Wycliffe New Testament. Generously, the Chapter of Lichfield Cathedral granted me a Creative Commons non-commercial license. The St Chad Gospels is one of the most important surviving Insular illuminated manuscripts, made in the British Isles from c. 600-850 CE. Insular manuscripts are also know as Hiberno-Saxon, referencing their Irish and Anglo-Saxon influences. The St Chad Gospels has many names, including the Book of St Chad and Lichfield Gospels along with St Teilo Gospels and Llandeilo Fawr Gospels from its time spent in Wales. For more information and interactive 3D renderings, RTI, and historical images to assess aging, visit For multispectral images, due to conservation considerations, only 88 pages have images for thirteen frequencies of light: 365nm, 450nm, 465nm, 505nm, 535nm, 592nm, 625nm, 638nm, 700nm, 730nm, 780nm, 850nm, and 940nm. The remaining 148 of the 236 surviving pages do not have an image for the ultraviolet frequency, resulting in images for twelve frequencies. Also, the archive provides high-resolution RGB images for each of the 236 pages (coming soon). Metadata includes chapter and verse for each page. CC Attribution/Non-Commercial/ShareAlike UK/Wales (CC BY-NC-SA UK)


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