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<p>This is the online supplement to the paper <em>Insights from Deploying a Model-based Adaptive Fact-Learning System in a University Course</em>.</p> <h2>Overview of directories and files</h2> <h3><code>/data</code></h3> <p>Contains the anonimysed data, separated by cohort, as <code>.rda</code> files. Each <code>.rda</code> file contains the following data frames: - <code>data</code>: trial-level data recorded from the learning app; - <code>exam.item</code>: exam scores on the subset of items that were part of the practice material; - <code>grades</code>: final exam grades; - <code>study_time</code> (2018 cohort only): responses to the study time questionnaire.</p> <h3><code>/scripts</code></h3> <p>Contains the R scripts used to perform the analyses reported in the paper, as well as additional analyses. The analyses are divided over several <code>.Rmd</code> files. Each <code>.Rmd</code> file is accompanied by an <code>.html</code> output file with the same name. Aside from the first file, each of these files can be re-run on its own to reproduce the analysis.</p> <ul> <li><code>01-prepare-data</code>: converts raw data (not included in this supplement) into data files in <code>/data</code>.</li> <li><code>02-sample-statistics</code>: descriptive statistics of the sample;</li> <li><code>03-usage</code>: analysis of when and how students used the system;</li> <li><code>04-exam-performance</code>: analysis of link between system usage and exam performance;</li> <li><code>05-study-time</code>: analysis of measured and self-reported study time;</li> <li><code>06-performance-during-study</code>: analysis of performance during study sessions.</li> </ul> <h3><code>/output</code></h3> <p>Contains <code>.pdf</code> files of the plots created by the analysis scripts.</p>
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