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PSA001: Social Faces  /

  1. Peter Babinčák
  2. Martha Lucia Borras-Guevara
  3. Lilian Carvalho
  4. Vinet Coetzee
  5. Gwendolyn Gardiner
  6. Amanda C Hahn
  7. Javad Hatami
  8. Julia Junger
  9. Gwenael Kaminski
  10. Georgina W Mburu
  11. Arash Monajem
  12. JA Muñoz-reyes
  13. Julian A Oldmeadow
  14. Asil Ali Özdoğru
  15. John Protzko
  16. Diana R Santos
  17. Guyan Sloane
  18. Therese E Sverdrup
  19. Kokwei Tan
  20. Dong Tiantian
  21. Enrique Turiegano
  22. Kim Uittenhove
  23. Eugenio Valderrama
  24. David White

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Category: Project

Description: Over the last ten years, Oosterhof and Todorov’s valence-dominance model has emerged as the most prominent account of how people evaluate faces on social dimensions. In this model, two dimensions (valence and dominance) underpin social judgments of faces. To which world regions this model applies is a critical, yet unanswered, question. We will address this question by replicating Oosterhof and Todorov’s methodology across multiple world regions.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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