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Category: Instrumentation

Description: Materials for Kpogo, Kohut, and Chang (2023, "Expressing diminutive meaning in heritage Twi: The role of complexity and language-specific preferences", Formal Approaches to Complexity in Heritage Language Grammars): (1) slides for the picture description task (PDT; in .pptx and .pdf format), (2) Qualtrics survey for the acceptability judgment task (AJT), (3) Qualtrics survey for the morphological parsing task (MPT) in Twi, (4) Qualtrics survey for the MPT in English, (5) instructions for the verbal fluency task (VFT), (6) lists of stimuli for all tasks (in .xlsx and .pdf format), and (7) language background questionnaires, for the Twi heritage speaker (HS) group and the Twi native speaker (NS) group. Note: the item/question labels visible in the PDFs of the MPT surveys did not appear during the administration of the MPT.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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