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Category: Project

Description: Department of Architecture and Arts IUAV University of Venice Year 2017/2018 Title: Human Factor Master's degree in Product and Visual Communication Design Age of the students: (22-27) Task: draw fourteen (industrial) products, of which 7 rounded and 7 angular, on an A4 sheet. Clean the background, center the drawing, transform the image in black and white, with a resolution 600x600. In this context "industrial" means an object that could be produced commercially. Some students only created 6 examples instead of 7. The file "listImagesAndCategories" includes the following columns: file: the name of the file author: a unique identifier of the person who created the images type: for each object there was a smooth/rounded version ("a") and an angular/spiky version ("s") example: as each author produced more than one item, they are numbered sequentially object: the type of object (e.g. "chair") category: whether the image was created on a computer (1) or freehand (2) sex: sex of the author shading: whether the image included some shading file: the name of the file size: file size for the jpg image saved with low compression (100%) ratio: ratio of file size before (bmp) and after compression (jpg) Next there are average rating from naive observers on the following scales: Beauty (ugly/beautiful), Lightness (dark/light), Complexity (complex/simple), Weight (heavy/light), Style (old/modern), Danger (dangerous/safe), Symmetry (asymmetry/symmetry) The scale has values between -10 and 10. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. CC-BY-NC


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