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ManyBabies 1: Infant-Directed Speech Preference  /

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Description: The field of psychology has become increasingly concerned with issues related to methodology and replicability. Infancy researchers face specific challenges related to replicability: high-powered studies are difficult to conduct, testing conditions vary across labs, and different labs have access to different infant populations, amongst other factors. Addressing these concerns, we report on a large-scale, multi-site study aimed at 1) assessing the overall replicability of a single theoretically-important phenomenon and 2) examining methodological, situational, cultural, and developmental moderators. We focus on infants’ preference for infant-directed speech (IDS) over adult-directed speech (ADS). Stimuli of mothers speaking to their infants and to an adult were created using semi-naturalistic laboratory-based audio recordings in North American English. Infants’ relative preference for IDS and ADS was assessed across XYZ laboratories in North America and Europe using the three commonly-used infant discrimination methods (head-turn preference, central fixation, and eye tracking). BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF RESULTS.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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