English Semantic Feature Production Norms: An Extended Database of 4,436 Concepts

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Description: The largest limiting factor in understanding memory and language networks is often the availability of normed stimuli to use and explore in experimental studies. In this study, we expand on three previous semantic feature overlap norms to over 4,000 cue stimuli ranging from nouns, verbs, adjectives, and other parts of speech. Participants in the norming study were asked to provide feature components of each cue stimuli, which were combined with the previous research using semantic feature production procedures. In addition to expanding previous research, this project explores different semantic overlap measurements by coding each word feature listed by root and affixes to determine different strengths of feature overlap. All information is provided in a searchable database for easy access and utilization for future researchers when designing experiments. The final database of cue-target pairs was paired with the Semantic Priming Project to examine the relation of feature overlap statistics on semantic priming in tandem with other psycholinguistic variables, such as association and thematics.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International

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OSF Storage did not seem to work well for this many small files, so we switched to GitHub. We recommend reading the Word Norms Processing Guide to understand the folders in our repository and how we processed the data from participant files to our analysis. View the associated website: http://www.wordnorms.com/. View the associated Shiny apps: go here. Please contact us if the Shiny Apps are not...


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