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  1. Dave Balzer
  2. Markus Baumann
  3. Julian Bernauer
  4. Katharina Blinzler
  5. Zuzanna Brzozowska
  6. Katharina Burgdorf
  7. Anna Forke
  8. Tobias Gummer
  9. Andreas Hadjar
  10. Mikael Hjerm
  11. Sophia Hunger
  12. Nora Huth
  13. Jannes Jacobsen
  14. Julia Klinger
  15. Dafina Kurti
  16. Lea-Maria Löbel
  17. Nicole Martin
  18. Paul Martinez
  19. Guido Ropers
  20. Gergor Sand
  21. Constanza Sanhueza Petrarca
  22. Alexander Schmidt-Catran
  23. Jürgen Schupp
  24. Nadia Steiber
  25. Sebastian Sternberg
  26. Dieter Stiers
  27. Meta van der Linden
  28. Björn Zakula

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Category: Project

Description: Crowdsourced Research on Immigration and Social Policy Preferences

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International

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How Reliable Are Replications? Measuring Routine Researcher Variability in Macro-Comparative Secondary Data Analyses

Experimental Study to Measure Researcher Variability

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