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Category: Project

Description: Collaborative space with resources and information for existing and potential members of the OSF Institutions community. Public components include an overview of the OSF Institutions product and community and information for new members. Areas will be added in the coming months to include resources to help members provide support, training, outreach, and marketing for OSF at their home institution as well as collaborative spaces for sharing resources and ideas.

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Product & Community Overview

OSF Institutions provides infrastructure, training, and tools for research communities. This component includes materials to help you understand the b...

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New Members Checklist

Materials to help new OSF Institution members get onboarded.

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Membership Resources

This project space is your source for OSF resources you can tailor and reuse as well as space to share and get information from other OSF Institutions...

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OSF Institutions Events

Presentations and resources shared as part of the OSF Institutions community events.

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