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Category: Software

Description: Workshop–Best Practice for Shareable, Reproducible Experiments Using PsychoPy and Pavlovia Sharing experiments is at the heart of reproducible science. PsychoPy is a free, open-source software for making experiments, enabling sharing without licensing limits. Pavlovia is a low-cost optional layer that sustains this free software, and also has many free features to facilitate open sharing of behavioural experiments. The goal of this workshop will not only be to provide a brief introduction to creating experiments in PsychoPy and putting them online using Pavlovia, but it will be to discuss what makes a “good” and “useful” sharable experiment. We hope to answer questions such as “How can we provide good documentation with our experiments?”, “ How do we share projects with selected collaborators or publicly?” “How do we credit tasks that we found useful, and signal to other researchers something was useful?”. We hope that this workshop will equip researchers with the skills needed to not only create experiments for their own use, but to make easy-to-use experiments for others, and facilitate cumulative, reproducible, science.


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