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Description: White cultural norms dominate how we teach psychology. These norms often center the experiences of White participants and privilege some methodologies over others (i.e., deeming some methods more rigorous than others). Further, centering the experiences of White participants can signal to students of color that their own experiences are less relevant to psychology and/or are better discussed as “special topics.” We call for more culturally-affirming curricula that decenters Whiteness from research methods courses and offers students, especially students of color, the opportunity to see themselves in a science in which their own experiences are underrepresented (Camacho & Echelbarger, 2021). During this hackathon, we will generate a list of resources from which instructors can draw to: 1) develop more culturally-affirming research methods curricula, and 2) interrogate their own teaching practices in the service of positively moving psychological science forward.


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