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**Project outline for 2013_6** *Keywords: psych verbs; emotion verbs; trials of the heart; Mandarin* ---------- **Overview:** Subjects determined who, if anyone, was at fault for specific emotional events. Follow-up to 2010_2. In that experiment, tested 50 verbs, but many turned out not to be emotion verbs. Re-doing with only emotion verbs listed in Mandarin VerbNet. 16 verbs (8 of each type) were tested in both experiments, allowing for some replication. **Publications:** Hartshorne, O'Donnell, Sudo, Uruwashi, Lee, and Snedeker (in press). Psych verbs, the Linking Problem, and the Acquisition of Language. Data for Exp. 7. **Team:** 1. Joshua Hartshorne 2. Jesse Snedeker **Data Collection:** March 2013, in Taiwan at National Tsing Hua University **Description** **Stimuli:** 25 ES and 25 EO verbs. Chose emotion verbs from Mandarin VerbNet which in my own list are listed as transitive and as "the experiencer must experience" -- with the exception of one subject-experiencer verb, since there were only 24 otherwise. Since there were more than 25 available EO verbs, excluded additional verbs that were tested in 2010_2. Note that 8/25 verbs of each type were tested in 2010_2. Made first list by randomizing order so that never more than 3 ES or EO verbs in a row. List 2 is same list, but with subjects and objects reversed. Lists 3 and 4 are Lists 1 and 2 in reverse order. Unlike in 2010_2, no names were re-used across trials. **Procedure:** Unlike 2010_2, the order of possible responses was subj, obj, neither. This was done to make it more like the English version. **Notes:** Thanks owed to Yi-Ching Su (NTHU), who allowed her students to be tested.